Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Entering the MTC

After finishing her last Final Exam yesterday at 5pm and packing and moving until 8pm when she was set apart by her Stake President, Pres. Monson, ( The prophets son), Kelsey entered the Missionary Training Center today at 12:45 pm.  There were literally hundreds of Elders and Sisters headed into the MTC to prepare to Serve the Lord.  It was inspiring to watch them bravely enter.  when we drove into the gate a nice attendant put a purple sticker on our windshield signifying a Sister missionary drop off.  The Elders were getting green tags.  The driveway in front of the MTC had numbered spaces we were number 17.  Missionary hosts and hostesses lined the sidewalk ready to help take luggage and missionary inside to start the process.  So we pulled up, quick hug and kiss barely enough time for tears to fall and off she went.  we were encouraged to move on since parking space 17 was waiting for the next car arriving.  So we drove away.  And yes I did watch her walk away and yes I did cry a bit.  Much easier than the old days when you sat through a devotional and then separated. That was brutal and I am glad it is quick and less painful.  Kelsey was nervous but super happy and ready to begin her new adventure.  I know she is going to be great and the people in Canada are lucky to have her.

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  1. Those are some really wonderful pictures, Mrs. Christensen, especially the last one with the mountains!