Wednesday, May 1, 2013

you didn't send me an email.  or any mail.  that's cool. It isnt like I check the box every day.  I mean, who cares that my companion gets at least three envelopes every day which translates to usually ten envelopes and a package.
I mean, who's counting?
I hope you got my letter.  I don't really remember what I said in it at this point.  it doesn't really matter I guess.  I'm happy, just studying a lot, and woring on becoming a good missionary.  There isn't much to say I guess.  we leave for canada next tuesday, so this is the only Prep day I'll get in the MTC.  kinda weird.  I'll try and convince my comp to go to the gym later, but we'll see if she wants to.  we were going to go yesterday but we ended up waiting for our roomates who took to long getting ready, and I didn't realize you couldn't be late to the gym with free weights.   so instead I threw a basketball at a hoop for fifty minutes.  super great.  I don't think they understand how emotionally attatched I am to gyms. 
So.  what else?  as i said, we leave early tuesday morning, and I get to be the travel leader.  I imagine this will be somewhat like hearding cats.  some of which have never been in an airport, and some of which speak french a whole lot better than english, but with an african accent that I can't understand.  should be fun.  I think the responsibility may be to discourage me from logging into dad's flight benifits and ditching the group.  In reality it just makes me want to do that a whole lot more.
uhhm...  I'm going to try to add some pictures, we'll see how this goes.  This computer doesn't seem to have the option to view them in a folder.  sometimes the MTC is dumb about what they allow with technology.  okay well that's not going to work.
well, I don't know what else to say.  teaching is good I guess.  my companion is getting better at stealing all my tricks and saying them for me.  soon enough I won't have to say anything at all.  I've been working recently on trying to connect with them better, but usually it just ends up being her asking all the questions, and then providing packets of information.  I don't really know what to say about that.  it's hard, because you have to connect to them on a basic level, and bear testimony as you go to invite the spirit somehow not letting it turn into a whole lot of "everythings beautiful and God is love" like I fell most sister missionaries are expected to do.  and it seems like when she's speaking she cares about it, but a lot of the time it's just lecture.  and I don't know how to explain that, or even if it's my place, because half the time I have the same problem.  also TRC terrifies me.  also what does TRC even mean??? does anybody know?

I'm just chillin trying to figure everything out, but it seems like just as soon as I start to it all changes.  we had one schedual where we had like four Gym days, but then they changed it and gave us a different one, and now we only have two.  and weird things keep happening like we'll be studying outside, and then somebody will come grab us and be like "You have class right now! run all over campus and find the rest of your district because your schedule is wrong!"  or like, we had someone tell us we had branch meeting, and we waited for an hour and nobody showed up.  that's been my week, plus a lot of humbling teaching experiences.  but no crying.  I have not cried. so somebody tell the lady it's okay.
okay well, I'm out of time I guess, catch you later.

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