Monday, October 7, 2013

I bought a pumpkin. 
I cannot believe that it is October!  I don't feel like it has been nearly six months since I've left.  I still haven't done very much!  D: I have so much left to do.
the fall leaves here are beautiful, I took a couple of pictures with my comps camera, we'll see if I can steal some from her.  it is weird, because when you leave the city the landscape is just solid trees.  and all kinds of trees, like maples oaks, pines, spruce, cedars, aspen, birch you name it, I think there may even be palms in there somewhere. just a solid wall of trees, exploding with color. 
I loved General Conference!  I went in with a couple of questions, and honestly there wasn't anything anyone said specifically but I still felt like I have an answer now.  so that is cool.  for all of those out there who don't know what I am talking about here is a link,  (come here, you will like this), and what it is is a conference where apostles and prophets of God speak to the world.  I have come to know that they are called specifically to lead and guide, and help teach what God's plan and path for us is in this quite frankly messed up world.  I have also come to know, that they are servants of the Lord, and whether it is by Christs voice, or the mouth of his servants, it is his word, and it will always be the same.  sometimes that shocks or puts people off, but that is just the way that it is.  I invite you to watch and see for yourself, to listen with desires to know for yourself if the things that they teach are of God, because you can know but the way you feel if it is true.  for it is by the power of the holy ghost, that we can know the truth of all things.
Other things. I liked Henry B Eyring's talk, for some reason I just thought of Mom and Dad.  it made me giggle a little.  It also gave me peace in some ways.  I also liked D Todd Christofferson's, Dallin H Oaks's, and Neil L Anderson's talks.  They all seemed to highlight something that I've come to know is true on my mission, if we strive to follow Christ and live his doctrine, we can have peace, in the face of confusing and conflicting ideas in the world today.  The prophet also wasn't kidding when he advised us to pray and listen every day.  I don't always listen enough, so that is something that I can work on too. 
That and I loved Elder Ballard's talk on missionary work.  It was so funny to hear a lot of the things that my mission president has been nagging us about lately come straight from an apostles mouth.  things like praying for missionary experiences, talking to everyone we see, involving the members as much as we can in missionary work all were things that struck me.  that and that morning we had had a sisters conference call with our mission president and he committed each companionship to try to find someone willing to be baptized by Christmas, which was something Elder Ballard then said almost word for word.  Chilling how when the Lord wants his work hastened his servants will spread the message, repetitively and unanimously.  I know I can improve in my missionary work, but it is also a simple thing to carry five cards in our pocket, to use when we feel prompted.  I know if we all work together, we will be blessed as we follow a prophet's counsel.
okay conference rant over.
I actually ended up making cinnamon rolls from a recipe that I found was similar to mom's. they weren't perfect, but they worked~

so this week was pretty fun, full of ups and downs, rediculously sunny and hot days and cold rainy ones.  kind of poetic actually.  the people we have been meeting with are doing well, Steve is working on his emotional paranoia problems and Lindsey seems to be building faith, they're not supposed to have any verbal contact with each other, but they are both lying and it is dumb.  I will be happy when they finally talk to their lawyers and this whole fiasco can be forgotten.  friends, don't get in a domestic violence dispute in canada, you have no say in the terms of restriction, that is up to the police, and it is also just a terrible thing to let yourself fall to when it could have been fixed through the atonement of christ.
but as madre was correct to learn, we are having a missionary concert this week, and I don't get to be in it, but I get to go to it because it is in my area and my companion is playing the violin in it.  so there, i get to see it twice hah!
people have been asking me lately about Christmas and I don't know where I will be by then, and I don't actually know my mailing address, I will update you guys with that asap.  for now the mission office is fine for letters and stuff, since it is only five minutes away.  and that should be the address at the top of my blog, because I don't remember that one to type it out. 
things I wouldn't mind for Christmas: 

CD's of Mormon Tabernacle choir, especially the show tunes one.
my Ipod and its cord.  I don't know what to do with the music on it, I know that I have the willpower to not listen to it for 12 months, but it might actually be a better idea to buy a cheap MP3 player instead. 
there are lots of them out here that are combined as recording devices, and those are actually kind of cool.  I don't really know how much they are, you should ask Scott if he can find something like what I'm talking about.  it has a usb port to load things like a flash device, and also does voice recording.  I don't know it's a thought.
tights (no patterns unfortunately)
non-dangly earrings, are always a good gift
skirts.  size wise I'd say nothing less than an 8.  probably 10's. in fact money for skirts would be even better.
Love. you guys don't actually have to send me anything, I'd be plenty happy for good letters and prayers of love.
anyway, so that is my letter today.  I love you guys!  I want to know how you're doing!  I think about and pray for you every day :)
Sister Christensen

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