Saturday, June 15, 2013

I don't really know what to talk about this week.  the work is going well.  I'm fine.  apparently there was a hurricane I didn't know about.  ...yep.
I don't really know if anybody's reading my letters at this point, but that's all fine and well, as it's helped me focus a little better on what I'm doing.  I now get up on time every morning, and work my hardest to to what is right.  we went running three times this week, and I think my companion doesn't hate me for it?  I don't really know  wish we could run for longer intervals than five minutes, It seems like we just barely start to hit cardio range and I look back to see she's walking.  but at least she's running.  that's better than it was.  
Yep.  I'm still waiting to learn things about her that aren't annoying or backwards,  it seems our personalities are built like yin and yang, and though we are headed in the same direction, we go about it by completely different means.  they aren't either one wrong, but the fact that they're not the same path makes it pretty confusing at times.  it's like being back in chemistry and the forest of confusion.  only now it's my companions feelings and not equations I'm balancing.  huh.  weird. it also seems like she takes everything that I say and tries to put some meaning behind it that isn't there.  because of something about a communications major.  I'm pretty sure that you couldn't get farther from my understanding and personality, so we pretty much just go about not understanding each other, and usually that includes me offending her, all the time.  
but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have great strengths.  she cares a lot about how people think by focusing on how they talk, and that shows the deeper need to understand through words.  her intentions are gold, and I can see her trying to improve every day, to be a better missionary who can help the people here to the best of her abilities.  she also treasures up the spoken word, or the teachings and talks by the prophets and apostles of our day.  which is something that I haven't put too much emphasis on in the past.  I need to do better at looking past the little things to the heart.  for god judgeth not as a man judgeth, but looketh upon the heart.  or something like that, I don't remember that reference exactly.
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otherwise I don't know what your addresses are and cant send you anything, try as I might.
Love, Kelsey.

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