Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi everybody.
our friend from Iran is  getting baptized in two weeks.  we found out from president Leavitt that after looking into all the rules and regulations and guidelines and after having met with Him via skype and learning some things about him and his circumstance, he decided through revelation and prayer I'm sure, that as a child of God, our friend (name removed for privacy) can be baptized.  he is glad.  in his own words he said that he is speechless.
so it's kind of funny, so I'll tell a little bit about what happened with all that this week, because as you can assume it was an emotional roller coaster, and I'm glad that I survived it, and that my companion can just be happy now.
I'm going to name him Michael because I can't keep referring to him as he.  Michael had his conference call with president Leavitt on Tuesday, and when we got to talk to him about it he pulled us aside privately and asked us if everything was alright.  to which we asked the same question and he was like "well, we talked and it was good, but sometimes I was uncomfortable.  it was like an interrogation, lots of questions, and some of them were upsetting."  apparently President Leavitt accused his parents of hiring an assassin to kill Michael after his baptism.  haha good times.  Michael thought we were all crazy and that we had terrible misconceptions.  so we talked, and asked him if things like that don't happen and he was like "they do, but I'm not important enough for that."   hah.
he also didn't understand why it would be a higher consideration ( considering the whole church) and so we explained to him that his baptism is a private affair, but people tend to hear about things like that and blow them out of proportion.  take the whole Jewish people in temple work for example.  it's a matter of not offending anybody who could ever possibly be offended, because if they can, from experience they will be, mostly because they don't understand. 
so all in all, things are great, because Michael knows and understands his savior Jesus Christ, and is excited to follow his example and now can be baptized.  yay for happy endings.
also the missionary broadcast was great,  if you guys didn't get a chance to see it, I encourage you to look it up because it was awesome.  (sometimes a bit corny, but who doesn't love happy families?  it kind of is part of the whole meaning of life.)
so basically i should stop writing so much and let the other sisters have a turn, because today's a holiday and apparently everything and it's outhouse is closed on holidays in Newfoundland, and we're emailing on the church's one family history computer.
I love you all, I promise I'll write letters today!

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