Monday, July 22, 2013

weekly email??‏

so I know these were supposed to be weekly and I am sorry. but the good news is I haven't died! 

and there is no bad news so win win.  

these past two weeks have been crazy, let me tell you.  last week when we were supposed to email the power went out and all the libraries were closed so we couldn't go someplace else, and then we didn't have a car because it was in the shop getting a new bumper because the elders before us broke it.  so it was good times.  we found out how to use the bus system which was fun, and my companion made a huger deal out of it than was really necessary but there you go.  

I don't know if I said before but we got a new senior couple in our district, and we just use them to drive all the people.  none of our investigators have cars, so they always need rides to the church which is tough because not many members drive and those who do usually have opinions on the subject of driving other people around.  so Elder and Sister Noftil are a Blessing.  

we had them drive us a couple places around town while our car was getting fixed, and we got to know them a little bit.  on their drive from the mission training center in utah they were in an accident that totaled their car, and luckily gave them no lasting injuries.  but because of that Elder Noftil is not at peak condition and I didn't think about that wen we asked them to walk across a college campus.  we had to turn around and it was awkward. good times.

but following that Noftil thought the mission president was here for our zone conference, and he had lots of good things to share with us and say.  I learned a lot, the main focus on his trainings was CHANGE (imagine an obama poster with P Leavitt on it, and you've got it.) and knowing our message (That the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in it's fullness... I'm always like, "we have a message!! but you dont get to know what that is until you let us in"  XD FAIL)  and then he proceeded to turn the branch on it's head and re-organize the presidency with Elder Noftil.  I am actually looking forward to all of this, as we now have a much tighter connection with the leadership in the branch, and somebody who's helping us out as far as missionary work goes. 

but what that basically means is that now instead of working toward the standard mission goals he wants us instead to focus on strengthening members in Newfoundland, since there's been a lack of unity in the members for a long time, and there's no reason why there shouldn't be a ward (full congregation)  in a city of 200,000 people.  especially since in some areas of canada there's multiple steaks (organization of multiple wards)  in communities of 4,000.  

so that is fun.

as far as my own experiences go, we met a really awesome person this last week, she let us in after bringing her kids home from soccer, and we had a nice chat about God and families.  when we met her the next time we learned that she'd been planning a trip to africa to do service, and she's like the community soccer mom with dreadlocks and a flair of interior designer.  honestly she reminds me of Liz, and I think it's great that you can find people to feel at home with all over the world.

I would share a spiritual thought but I have to get going.  I could use Sister Miehe's favorite one, Proverbs 3 : 5-6 "trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding,  in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths."  life's hard for a purpose, but if we trust in what we know to be right and true, we will feel God's love for us.  you can do eeeet!

I love you all!  

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