Monday, July 29, 2013

hey everybody!! it's goood to write you again.

exciting things, lets see.  i gave a talk in sacrament meeting this week, that was pretty cool.  I used \elder \johnson's and elder Bednar's talks from last general conference about being desciples of christ and diserning the difference and important relationship of testimony and conversion.  because while it would be easier to talk on faith or baptism I find I always have to cut to the heart of the matter and talk about what makes the difference.  are we converted?  do we know how to endure faithfully to the end?  is that conversion manifested by our works, as alma and moroni testifies it should be? questions for your soul and all that deep 'who are you really' thoughts.  and then garbled over the microphone in a nervous jumble to a branch made up of spiritual rocks and waifs.  I hope they don't take it as offense, and I hope that they don't take it too lightly at the same time.  but do I really expect a change in missionary work from one measly talk of mine?  not really.  I'll have to keep working and keep pushing and keep on trucking out here on  the rock as they say.

there was also a funeral for the senior member of the branch this week, his name was brother hubert hobbs.  We didn't ever get a chance to know him other than on paper, or from word of mouth.  he seemed like quite the father figure for the branch,  so it's sad to know that he's moved on.  his wife is a rock though, I don't think I've ever seen anyone more put together in my life.  she's someone for whom I want to do the best work I can.

oh funny story though.  I was trying to find some less active members of our branch and we went down the list (which is extensive) to find chris fudge.  his house is in part of the older part of town, south of the university campus, so I almost expected him to have been a short term student from a few years ago.  so we go around knocking houses, and come to his on the corner, and try to decide which of the four doors on this awkwardly shaped town house is his, and after eliminating two came to the third, built out of the corner.  we knock, and nothing happens, so thinking the address might be wrong we look across the street.  the door opens behind us, and this guy is standing in a towel.  we then find out that he is chris and that he was thinking of 'coming to your church for the funeral.'  it's his chruch too, it's crazy to me that people think that just because they stop coming that the records magically dissapear.  but we talked to him behind the door in a towel and that was interesting.  he didn't come to the funeral.

that was pretty much the highlights of my week, the work is good and I'm running out of email time.

I love you all!  do what is right!

Sister Christensen

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