Wednesday, February 26, 2014

hello again,

so apparantly there was a panic last week that I was going off of the deep end?  nope.  still fine. just me.  being weird.  and melodramatic. trying to find interesting things to write about.

another week, another transfer.  still training sister drew.  she still continues to be awesome. she got really sick this week with the stomach flu. that was an adventure.  fun times. 

still herp derping trying to follow leaders crack downs and ward expectations at the same time.  apparantly we're supposed to avoid dinner appointments now?  that's dumb.  I'm not sure how that fits in to everything but whatever.

it's getting warmer and I am happy.  saw some pictures of the temple in gilbert and got a little jealous, wanted to be there. it's some exciting times.  apparantly my Bishops wife served her mission in that area so she took her kids on a road trip and went to the dedication/open house/ I don't know what's happened to it yet.

we are well, our investigators are well, things are well.

no complaints.

basically I'm alive.

cool things are happening.  life is good.

go read the scriptures. 

love you 


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