Tuesday, February 4, 2014

hey.  this week has been really good.  I will just head right into it. 

actually this happened last week, but I'll tell you because it's funny anyway.  we had been promising various people that I'd make them cupcakes because I never did bake my birthday cake and still had it waiting for a spare couple of hours which we never have.  So we decided to just bake cupcakes during weekly planning.  It was going well, we weren't wasting time and they had gotten into the oven, when I put the cap back on the only source of oil in the apartment and did one of those "oh crap" moments where I just yell out loud.  it was olive oil.  it read consecrated on the top. 

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, quick desc. consecrated olive oil is just regular olive oil that is set apart by a special prayer and used to bless the sick and afflicted, by those who hold the priesthood.  yeah, it wasn't supposed to be in my cupcakes. 

So I texted the district leader and asked him what I should do, explaining that I hadn't known, and he just laughed at me really, and said that it's okay, but don't use it again in the future.  so now my district makes jokes about consecrated cupcakes.  

Other funny things.  I guess it is just really funny to work with a lot of either mentally or emotionally unstable people.  It provides a lot of really awkward moments for me and my companion Sister Drew, and she finds awkward stuff really humorous, so we just laugh at everything all the time.  like here is an example:

yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, and it was really good and spiritual and rah.  But, a great person in our ward got up to give the closing prayer, and he is seriously, a good person, but socially really awkward.  All the time. like heavy breathing Stargate, Atlantis Live action Role Playing awkward.  So he starts to pray the beginning to the sacrament prayer over like the bread, and gets through "O God The Eternal Father  oh wait." before realizing it was the wrong time to be praying that prayer coughing and starting over.  and then the ward has this list of the missionaries names so people can remember us and follow the prophet's counsel to pray for us by name.  it's on the podium.  I know it is.  but he starts to pray for us and stumbles over Sister Drew and I, but takes several moments to remember the first elder, and the second he had to turn around and ask the bishop.  it's Elder Hadley, he's been in the ward the longest out of all of us.  needless to say I was dying, trying my best not to be audible as I was laughing uncontrollably.  

and so it goes with my average missionary life. 

but there are also a lot of really good and spiritual things that happen, and I will relate those now.  we have been working hard to make our companionship studies effective, and to have our role plays as far as practicing lessons actually helpful.  I have really felt a difference this week, and seen the progress that sister Drew and I are making in trying to earnestly invite others closer to Christ.  one of our members introduced us to her friend, who has a lot of questions about who God is, and what his plan is for her.  it has been an awesome experience to talk with her about all of the questions she has in life, and I have just had my testimony strengthened that God Loves each and every one of us, and even though we all learn differently, and he may teach us differently, we all have a relationship of some sort with him, and I have been honored to help others strengthen that tie.  It really is what keeps me going.  Also Sister Drew invited Holly to be baptized, and we are both super excited about the progress she has been making as far as reading and coming to church goes.  

We really have felt blessed this week, and I know that it is in part to all the prayers that are offered for the missionaries each week.  including the awkward ones.  I hope you all know that I love you all and am thankful for all that you do.  

anyway, I love you have a good week.

Sister Christensen

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