Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear Everyone! I am back in Presque Isle! The prodigal daughter has returned!  I love presque Isle, so much. even though the members are a little confused by this whole shamble of a transfer. so far everyone has been happy for the most part to see me, and ready to pick up where we left off, except in a few cases where people are avoiding me, and a few other cases where people have continued to progress without me and are immenently accepting the gospel wholeheartedly. kind of awesome. I came back for the party. 

but there's also the transfer trash talk gossip on the underground of why I was gone and why I came back. that is always fun. the best I think is the story that I myself was mentally unstable and they sent me home. haha if they only knew. just kidding.

so i have had a lot of thoughts this past week, and today I don't really have enough time to write all of them so I am compounding a couple of Emails that I have already written.  one to mission president, one to mom, and with a few more comments at the end: 

president leavitt

I like Presque Isle. and sister Renda. a lot. I've been keeping at it as usual, Get up on time, work out, study. except on days that we wake up at five, and days when ward council takes over the morning. Not that I don't want to do those things on those days, it just never seems to fit. But! I have really enjoyed my studies this week. I feel that The mission study plan and my Book of mormon Reading and the General Conference talks have just been weaving themselves together for me. all things support each other, and testify that there is a God. I tell sister Renda all the time "I could just study forever!" and I am pretty sure that is true. now if only we could convince our investigators and members of the same. 

Sister Renda is awesome. she laughs at my jokes. I'll keep her. she has been really enthusiastic and dilligent this week in talking to everyone and hunting in the holes of Presque Isle to find the lost sheep of israel. Even when it rains. she is an inspiration to me. I've also seen how she acts on promptings in lessons and in finding situations and It always inspires me to do better. in fine, she is awesome.

we were studying about Hope today in PMG under the Christlike attributes today, and reading some of the scriptural passages in the study box. together we discovered that (as it teaches in Enduring to the End in PMG) setting Goals is a manifestation of hope, and that is why Nephi (2 nephi 31 20) taught that Enduring to the End in Hope is so Motivational because it reinforces as we endure (set goals) we learn that God keeps his promises and so we are more hopeful, so we set more goals and God keeps his promises and it continues in a cycle. and that is why In hebrews 6 10-20 it teaches us that to confirm our hope God makes Oaths with us, that as we remember them we can know, really know! that he will keep his promises. kind of blew my mind, and gave me a whole new perspective and reverence for covenants. and now I'm just super excited because holy cow the difference it would make if every member of the church really understood that. so I had to tell you.

hash tag study vomit. 

and that is why Nephi also said that if ye do not understand it is because you ask not, netiher do ye knock. 


Presque Isle is awesome. Delores has entered the Covenant of baptism, and now I get to be here to continue to strengthen her and her relationship with the Ward, and with God. Rachael and Jason are getting baptized this weekend and it makes me so excited. we recontacted David and Gina and had a showdown that ended with the feeling that Either this is True or it is not, and I am not going to let you quit your search before you know. and now we have an appointment on wednesday. we are going to find new investigators, I can feel it. because we just have to. 


Sister Christensen

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