Tuesday, May 20, 2014


so yeah. 

Life's been a bag of nuts lately.  I've been trying to make it into Nutella, but I'm not sure that that improve on your life metaphor works all the time. so I moved. again.  

Last week I rode a Bus into Halifax, not knowing where I would be sleeping that night, but was picked up by the Sister Training Leaders here and was driven back to their place to stay. This whole transfer has felt like I was rock climbing up a cliff face and my next hand hold crumbled away, and I was left to scrabble and fall backwards into an unknown.  fun times. the shouting people were a nice touch. by the time I got to talk to the mission President for real, I was an emotional wreck, who just needed some time to herself. so he let me draw him a new map in his office.  I did that by day and worked with the sisters by night. 

All of that also means that I have had the wonderful opportunity to see another set of sisters serving in an area I have previously served in, and seeing success in ways that I did not. kind of cool.  I think some of it has to do with approach, but also I know that they were called here after us for a reason, and that there were people prepared and put in their path for their time here in Cole Harbour. corny I know, but true. while I was here I got to see Pam's baptism, and Matt and Erica understand God's grace better and receive baptismal dates.  so cool times all around.  people also don't shout here. 

This week though, we have also gotten two new missionaries transferred here from a mission in Ukraine that closed due to concerns for the safety of the missionaries during a time of severe civil unrest. not to mention possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine. so we have now an even number of sisters and elders again, thanks to Sister Hoy and Elder Mckenny.  that also means that President will be reassigning the floating four missionaries this week in an end-of-transfer-mid-transfer transfer.  a week before the new transfer, I kind of just wish that I could stay here and he would wait, but that is okay.  I will go wherever the Lord thinks I should go. as long as it isn't Fredericton.

(in all likelihood I will probably be going back to Presque Isle.  although I don't really know how I feel about that because I don't want to go back awkwardly after a four week hiatus and especially not knowing what to tell people about my former companion, sister erekson. but oh well, that's life. you deal with it. and get stressed and cry sometimes.)

But, all in all I am a whole lot happier now this week after all that has happened. now I know that All of this had to happen for a reason, not just for sister Erekson, but also for Sister Hoy and Myself.  sometime I will figure out how I learned from all of this, but Until then I will "go forth not knowing before hand what I should do... but trusting in the Lord."

I'm pretty sure that the scriptures say that somewhere close enough together for that to be a valid quotation. 

until next time, trust in God, read your scriptures, be converted, and do missionary work people. there is nothing else that will make you happier. 

Love sister Christensen.

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