Monday, August 25, 2014

 Hey everyone!

This week has been a good one. 

but not terribly exciting? or maybe not to me anymore.  I kind of forget what used to be exciting or different when it happens like every day. so

My companion is cool.  Her name is Sister Grace Gochnour, she's from Holiday Utah, and she is a super cute missionary.  like actually, she makes me look like a cat in a potato sack but I just blame it on being 16 months. She loves her family and Playing Soccer, and doing regular people things, and she also loves being a missionary.  It really is a magnificent calling, being able to surrender your time and talents to serving in God's kingdom, being able to help those around us as much as we possibly can, even if that influence is limited to just a smile or a welcome hello. 

New Glasgow is pretty awesome.  It's a little Nova Scotia town that has a lot of history and is a great peaceful place to live.  The people here are nice, or I'm sure they would be if they were not terrified to talk to missionaries 95 percent of the time.  It's actually kind of funny how fast people will walk to avoid us, and I have heard more unique ways to blow us off than in any other Provence. I guess that is what happens when religion is a taboo subject, and everything people read on the internet paints us to be soul sucking demons. really, when was reading un-sourced webpages ever a creditable way to learn anything about anything? let alone mormons, it doesn't work for law, it doesn't work for university, it doesn't work to learn a trade, it doesn't work for anything else, why would people assume that they could just look up some u-tube videos and know everything about it? rediculous. but I digress. 

So I learned that there was a documentary coming out about families that happen to be mormon and looked at a few comments to find that my irritation is pretty much common for the rest of the world. ignorant people saying rude and ignorant things. but if that were the only offence then it would be fine, but people seem to be amazingly stubborn to believe that if they do happen to believe in god, then he does not speak on any subject today.  that somehow when they do find information, then that closes all the arguments and all decisions are final.  have you ever asked him about it? have you ever imagined that largely what we read and see today is unconcrete and all product of human efforts, inspired or uninspired?  If there really is a story about God then why is it surprising that he might be a valid source to seek from on such a subject?  ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  that works, every time. whereas the internet probably works only 50% of the time in best circumstances, and when discussing mormonism, probably only 10% of the time.  there is a lot of garbage, said by a lot of people. 

but anyway. so we did find some new investigators who decided that they trusted the internet more than God. and then we didn't have any new invstigators anymore. fun times.  I'm not bitter.

sigh.  The best way to share the Gospel is by loving people.  even when they are irritating.  so you have to teach yourself to be patient and not irritated, because this is not my work, it's God's work, and though I may not see any results of my efforts while I'm here. I still have to love these people, so that they will have softened hearts for someone else who comes after us.  Without experiences with members of the church that are happy and joyful, no one will have reason to want to know more about us, no matter how good our message is. they will not feel the Spirit of the Lord testify of the truthfulness of this work, if their hearts are hardened because we don't show them that we love them, and really that that is an expression of God's love for them.  so basically I've just resolved to love the crap out of people.  and surprisingly that makes everything a lot easier. 

so I hope you all have a good week, that you are blessed with happiness and success, and that you have a minute to talk to God. 

Love you all

Sister Christensen

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