Monday, September 29, 2014

weeks that is.  IT IS SO WEIRD TO BE IN MY LAST TRANSFER!!!!!!!  I don't actually know what to do with myself. I just am a wee bit anxious. Not overly, but it's just that feeling like the test is coming and I'm going to miss it somehow by sleeping in or something.  it's a problem.


well I'll tell you about my week I guess.  Transfers were this week so It was kind of uneventful.we just kept doing what we do until we had to change companions and then I realized that I had to keep us going and then we kept doing what we do.  We finally got elders in New Glasgow, so all of the awkward single men could be taught by people who are not 17 years younger than them of the opposite sex.  fun times.  Never really had that concern on my mission before.  As far as teaching single guys goes, it's just like anything else, try to help them feel the spirit and gain answers to their prayers, and I have taught single guys before but this time it was just kind of awkward.  you never really know if they're being extra friendly just because you wear a skirt.  and knowing myself I'm really slow to catch on to things like that so if I'M getting weird vibes that way than there's probably more to it than should be.  so to the elder's teaching pool they go. 

My new companion is actually one of the sisters who was serving in the same area across the river, Sister Hoy! I was really excited when we found out because I met her back in may in the mission home during that one random time when I was just floating through the mission areas.  we got to spend an afternoon together figuring out the wall map and printing out pieces to our mission president's personal files.  she is actually one of the missionaries which were evacuated out of the Donetsk Ukraine mission, and transferred to ours, the night before our encounter.  it was quite the time.  the next day we were separated across the mission again, but I always remembered it, and now it's cool to know that during that afternoon we were both secretly wanting to serve together. AND NOW WE ARE.  it has been a beautiful friendship already.  there are bracelets.  we make funny jokes.  and then we missionary work.  it is amazing.  now I just wish she was from somewhere closer than Edmonton to hang out with after our missions.  and that her sinus infection would go away because it makes her sad. 

Other than that there isn't much new to report.  we didn't watch the women's broadcast, because it was after our curfew, (9-11p). but I did download it and listen to it in our appartment.  I loved everything in it.   there are some times when General authorities of the church speak and they just paint a picture of how I feel about a particular topic.  if anyone wants to know more about the why of LDS temples, I feel that broadcast did an amazing job of describing the feelings of love and heavenly welcome that is offered in the temples.  my favorite quote was "we need to prepare so that when we enter the House of the Lord we will feel at Home."  that is how I feel. 

I love you all!  

Have a good week.

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