Monday, August 12, 2013

hmm.  I've been spending some time reading and re reading the emails I've gotten this week.  It's fun that when I send out a letter after nobody writes suddenly I get a full inbox.  now I don't know what to do with myself.
also I was laughing at a few things this morning and one of the guys in the library got mad at me because I was being too loud apparently. then he stormed out. I'm pretty sure all of you know me and know that I don't make that much noise, even when giggling at funny stuff over email.  also it seemed like he was looking at my companion, but I can't actually tell if that was because he was talking to her or that his eyes were just crooked.  in Newfoundland you can never tell.
this week was pretty interesting.  there was a town event on Wednesday called regatta, which is basically like the boat races, but they do it with rowing boats and just as much booze.  we were given mixed directions about going to it, so we didn't actually end up going.  For some reason I don't think that we missed much, although it messed up our entire day.  nobody was home. all our appointments fell through.  the buses weren't running.  it was just all around an unproductive day.
oh, update on the random guy.  apparently it is rude to type next to people.  he just cursed at me and my companion over wait for it...  keyboards.  holy moly.
so then we had some regular days and some planning days and some working days, and one day we had a lot of cool experiences.  we were just out on the streets waving at cars and knocking doors, story of my life, when we passed a couple of nicer homes with long driveways and forests for yards so I was like 'yep' and we wandered to their doors.  the first wasn't interested but the second was a really nice woman that we began having a nice talk about genealogy.  we then asked if we could go in and she said sure!  so we walk in, and it's this mansion that was built in 1909, tons of antiques everywhere, cool fireplaces, crown molding, china sets, grand staircases, the works, and we sit down and have a conversation with this wonderful lady about her multi million dollar business and her children that have corporate careers and all this stuff, and I'm just like 'when do I get to talk about the book of Mormon?' and my companion didn't ever really start a lesson, so we didn't talk about it. really really anti-climatic. and also the first door we've gotten into in the last transfer.  oh well, you win some you loose some.
well, I'm running down on time, so I love you all and will be sending mail soon.

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