Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey Y'all,

we begin another whirlwind week!  every time I write it seems so much has happened and it is getting harder to separate the days.  I told someone this morning 'good night!' in parting, I am not actually sure what time of day it is anymore.
we had interviews with president leavitt this week, and he told us that we're supposed to be gaining twenty seven new sisters in the next six months, which is more sisters than there are in the mission as yet.  so, we'll be opening new areas, and everyone who's out now will train at least once in the next six months, perhaps more than that.  he also hinted that I may be transferred soon, so perhaps in the next three weeks I'll get a change of scenery!  Also he suggested that the likelyhood of me whitewashing and training are pretty high, that's the mission colloquialism for two missionaries being sent to an area they haven't been working in, which is fun when one of you has no experience yet at all.  should be a good time.  although that was pretty much what happened when I came out, so the tables have turned! 
last week we went to signal hill for our p-day, it was pretty fun but that meant that I didn't have any time to write letters.  D: so too bad.  we went with all the elders, because our car was in the shop (again) and we were riding in the elder's soccer mom van.  it's really interesting to spend time with them because for the most part they're still pretty immature.  especially the older ones.  daring each other to find the greasiest shack or laughing at a restaurant that sells hot dogs called long dicks, or betting who will or won't throw up when they eat a succor with a scorpion in it.  and then the conversation will randomly become gospel centered and we'll all talk about what we believe.  weirdest heel face turns ever. 
also elder deem won't stop teasing me to draw his face.  I'm really glad he's getting transferred. 
signal hill was really fun, it's a historical site that boarders the edge of the harbor, where there was a working light house at one time.  it functioned as the higher light, there is another lighthouse on the other side of the harbor that serves as a lower correcting light, so that ships don't crash into the sides of the rock's impenetrable shale face.  it was super windy up there though, you got a sweet view of saint john's and of my underwear.  it turns out wearing a dress in gale force wind isn't a good idea.  go figure.  after a couple of pictures we ran inside the house and stayed there.
this week we're supposed to go to cape spear, and this time I brought my pants.  I will not repeat last week, I refuse.  when elder amaya asked about it I told him I was bringing pants and he can just fight me about it.  he laughed and said that he was thinking p-day clothes would be best anyway.
I don't have any cool spiritual insights this week, read your scriptures, they're great.

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