Monday, September 9, 2013

Helllooooo everyone. 
this week has been fun.  and a little bit trying, for different reasons.  It's tough to go out and work when you just don't feel good,  I've definitely had some of those 'toughing it out' experiences this week.  but the good thing is that when we focus on doing the lord's work he helps us do the things he requires of us, and even if we don't feel great all the time we can still teach and testify.  just like nephi tells us,"for I know the lord giveth no commandments save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he has commanded them."
So sometimes your monthly makes you feel like garbage.  for some people every day is garbage, and it's my job to go try to make them feel like God loves them. 
and stuff. 
in Saint john's there has been lots of construction.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I have never been anywhere with so much construction going on all the time!  and it's bizarre because they painted new lines on the road at the beginning of the summer, only to make tons of random holes in the road, pull out weird square sections, and then repave everything.  now it's getting better, but there was one point in the summer when we had to plan ten or twenty minutes ahead of everything to get there on time, because all the main throughways were being torn up and repaved, with no real or effective detours.   good times.  

that and the busses.  we got bus passes last month to save on how much we drive everywhere, and to meet more people, and I have so many cool/weird bus stories.  like seeing two people have a long sign language conversation one day.  I couldn't take my eyes off of them.  they were so good at talking with their hands!  i'm pretty sure there must be accents in sign language, if not tone and inflection.  I also met someone on the bus like three times in different places.  he's still looking for an appartment sadly.  there was another guy like that from sri lanka I think, we met him on the street and we referred the elders to him because he lived in their area, but then I met him on the bus a week or two later and he was like "where did the elders go?" and i got really sad because he was sad and he needs the Gospel.  
then there are all the weird times. like when poor unfortunate souls come up to ya for a chat and you're too guilty to tell them not to smoke next to you and they tell you about all the bad people they see after you lend them a quarter for the bus.  he also told me to keep close hold of my purse, not to go to whore houses, and a weird story about his friend he knew in the army who left his wife and kids for crazy nights and he's been to jail three times. yikes.  or the person you sit next to on the bus and try to start a conversation by asking where they're going and they reply something like "I'm going to the avalon mall to me wmeo nce smh  eron c ehof sdj eons sln" and you're just like ....what?
good times.  
also knocking on doors.  if someone knocks on your door be polite.  I have had more bad experiences with doors in the last week than I ever want to have again for my entire life. 
We're not trying to suck out your soul.
or make you do anything. 
you always have the choice to be respectful and say you're not interested.

end of story.

but other than that things are good.  my companion and I are getting along well, and things seem to be going good.  I love newfoundland, and the people here, and will always and forever hold a yes b'y in my heart.
and I'll probably end up buying a newfie dictionary and sending it home at some point.
but anyway. 
Have a good week all!  
I love you.
Sister Christensen

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