Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So it's been a pretty crazy week.
because transfers landed on Newfoundland district conference, (stake conference), and for that event the mission was planning on having a musical fireside with all the musically talented missionaries, and a concert on Friday, a talent show Saturday and a fireside Sunday night along with zone training for missionaries and all the church meetings as well.  crazy.  and then I was supposed to miss it all and go on Friday, which didn't actually make sense, because my new companion was one of the violinists for the fireside, and wouldn't be in Cole harbor for three days.  So I petitioned president Leavitt and he realized the folly and booked my plane ticket for Monday with the rest, and I got to stay!  yaay. 
So I was there when on thursday the new missionary sister turner came to take my place, and we worked in a trio for the day.  We got to have jigs dinner with our investigators (a Newfoundland dish) and MOOSE which is actually pretty delicious.  I like it better than beef.  and then they gave me gifts and I felt awkward and undeserving, and we shared our testimonies during which I drew the connection between prayer and spiritual guidance and my being on a mission to meet them and be friends.  it was great.  and their cat finally came up and rubbed my leg.  yessssssss
then my companion came on friday, and we ran around in a quadpanionship for the weekend.  we had eight sisters staying in our appartment on saturday and sunday, good times.  there was lots of street contacting, lots of long car rides out to carbonear and the church, and lots of singing. 
and then we woke up this morning at four thirty on four hours of sleep and flew to cole harbour.  all I know about the place is the inside of the grocery store and the library.  which was cool because we met the bishops wife in the line at the store, and she is surprisingly young and talked about missionary work to her cashier.  the best. 
well, I can't think of anything more to say than I love you and wish you all the best.  I will try as always to write more letters,
Sister Christensen

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