Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hey everyone!

It is this time of the week again.  I really love to hear from all of you but man there are a lot of weeks in a year!  I've written a lot of these weekly emails.

so gather my thoughts time.  It has been a pretty interesting week, one the members' daughters was baptized this week, so it was amazing to have the opportunity to go and invite people we're meeting with. I just love the spirit at baptisms, and one of the recent converts we've been working with gave one of the talks, and it was the first one she's ever given since being baptized herself, and I have to say I was pretty proud despite the fact that she is like thirty years older than me.  it is always great to see people who've found the gospel continue to live it and love it.  it is just another witness to me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. 

other interesting things that happened, three more people accepted meeting with us, which is always somewhat gratifying.  it is also interesting to me that so many people try to be so tolerant that they refuse to believe that there could possibly be a single universal truth when it comes to Faith in God and religion.  being spiritual is great, and I do sincerely believe that everyone at some point in their lives has a relationship with their father in heaven, but the fact that there is one answer when it comes to how to return to live with him isn't going to change no matter how much we want to accept everyone for their nuances. Ephesians says there is one Lord one faith and one baptism.  God wouldn't go through the trouble of having a plan of salvation if we could choose multiple routes back home.  it is funny to me that people let us in to have a spiritual chat but don't really intend on listening to what we have to say, neither in their minds nor in their hearts.  but I am rambling.
point is the atonement is for everyone, but it really does work through God's authorized channels.  anyway.  it isn't like I don't talk about this stuff all day.

uhhm, the weather has been getting colder, but I've been alright, I just wear my tights and coats.  everyone here thinks I am weird, because I never take my coat off.  I just tell them I am always cold.  because it's true.  why does the church have the air conditioning running in November WHY???

so that and I have made commitment to my companion to trust her and be on fire about the work.  so we will see how this goes.  

other than that I don't really have anything really different or interesting to say... we have knocked a lot of doors, and met a lot of people... some are nice... some aren't... the east coast is beautiful... we're going to try to cook lobster soon, probably next monday... I need to buy more bread... life is lifey.

Keep reading the scriptures and Keep it real Y'all!   Christ is our savior.

I'm still working on some seriously belated letters, to you people in college and africa.  I think about you a lot.

anyway I love you all,

Sister Christensen

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