Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey everybody!
I'm really tired.  it's just one of those days I guess.  The ones where you feel more like getting a giant mug of hot cocoa and curling up on the couch to watch whatever's available, in this case probably the district or the testaments, and shutting out the rest of the world.  it's a good thing it's P-day I guess, but the desire for complete selfishness is probably not okay with the whole "giving your whole heart might mind and strength" thing. so the cocoa is probably out. bummer.
this week was pretty crazy.  the drunk lady called us on monday and she was completely sobor!  apparently after we helped her out on friday ( we had basically done all we could, went and found all her pictures of her kids in the basement for support, told her we can't help her come closer to God until she makes some decisions and left. ) she had loved being able to see her kids and think about how much she loved them, but crazy story--when we were with her she didn't know if she could physically quit.  been to rehab twice right?  wanted divine help, found it hard to feel anything.  she tried to pray and ended up getting extremely sick, to the point that she couldn't eat or drink anything for three days, and by the time she was sobor was too afraid to drink.  we had a really good lesson with her on thursday after she had gotten her hair done and gone to the doctor where she prayed clear headed with us for the first time and the spirit was strong.  but she is still struggling really bad.  after that it has been really hard to find her off the couch, she's been eating so little and the meds the doctors gave her put her to sleep really well. sowe've just been praying for her.
I also got to work on the other side of the harbour this weekend, as there was a concert in saint john and my comp was gone. there is a lot of people over there, and it's really intimidating!  I'm used to tiny towns, trying to street contact and talk to people when there are litteraly thousands around is really weird. there are also a lot of cats, and I got to pet a few members' cats.  one looked an awful lot like sophia, and one looked almost exactly like blair!  good times. 
well I love you.  I know the book of Mormon is true, and that God loves all of his children.  I have read it, and I have prayed and received a witness that it is true.  Christ is our savior, and if we turn to him he will help us.

sister christensen

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