Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello All!
So Maine is a fun place.  I actually really like it here.  I don't have any pictures yet but I have a lot of things to talk about so I will do my best to deliver.
first story was transfers.  so we had like three days and my old companion decided that we had to visit half the cole harbour ward, all of our 8 investigators, go to the temple, re write the area book, clean our appartment and pack in three days.  and apparently she has issues with obsessiveness with her stuff and ended up taking ten hours over those three days to pack, so I ended up doing all of the cleaning and most of the area book work by myself.  plus she kept me up past one both nights and made us late to the mission office on thursday and pretended like she was the only one who had to sign out supplies. needless to say I was ready for eight hours in separate cars.  (we both drove our own vehicles to the new areas.) I am getting over it, but geese, some people.  I still love her.
we picked up our new companions in Moncton and then parted ways.
Elder thatcher our vehicle coordinator, gave us a letter to give to the customs people when we crossed the boarder.  that was fun.  they didn't know what to do with us, and we waited for thirty minutes scrambling a little bit because they didn't like the letter and we couldn't get ahold of anybody at the mission office. eventually we found elder thatcher and he talked them through it.  the problem ended up being that the car is licensed and registered in Canada but we're both American, so bringing it across the boarder is technically legal, but it just looks weird.  so fun times.
funny story.  a guy in the library just called me a nun, and when I told him I was a missionary he started talking about the publicity with FLDS garbage in Texas.  sometimes I hate the news.
so then there was the time that the ward we were working with hadn't had sister missionaries for more than thirty years.  needless to say they were SUPER EXCITED to see us.  which is good, because we've only been here four days and will have had two member present lessons with people already.  we could have had three but one of our investigators said he was shy so we are waiting to ask him if we could bring someone to his lessons.
but cool thing!  he started the Stop Smoking program, and has been following it to the letter.  he even used some of the breathing techniques and mouthwash during a distracting and tempting party yesterday.  Sie is super cool, and really ready to listen to and apply the things we talk about, which is really refreshing. 
the elders we work with have been super helpful, and gave us some maps. 
one of our investigators gave us a GPS, so that is really cool. we weren't sure if we could take it but he wouldn't take no for an answer so there you go. 
we went knocking yesterday and found one of the members friends, and a less active member.  out of like 12 people too.  it seems like it's a fairly small community.
speaking of, it is really beautiful and picturesque here.  so I really like it, It kind of looks like mattawa, but things are closer together and there are more big red barns and trees.  I will have to send pictures.  it is also freezing here.  I don't think it's been above freezing for the four days that I've been here, but from stories I've heard from members and investigators it sounds like it doesn't really get above freezing for the next four months.  and sometimes it gets like 30 below.  so it is solidly cold, and I have no idea how I am going to survive this winter because i am cold all the time, and I wear practically every article of clothing I own.
fun times.
the river is frozen.
I can't remember if there was anything else I wanted to say,
My address is 555 main street, presque isle ME 04769.  feel free to send me mail.
I love you all! 
Sister Christensen



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