Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello everyone!
so crazy news.
not really actually it's really just crazy for me, especially because it's like the last thing I wanted to happen or was expecting before Christmas, I'm being transferred to Presque Isle, Maine!  I'll be able to use my US stamps again :) I bought those things in the MTC and haven't been able to use them since.
I'll post the new mailing address as soon as I know it, which may not be until next week.
this week has been fun, if the most non traditional of thanksgiving weeks there ever has been in a place that acts and looks like america.  I think we had pizza for thanksgiving?  weird.  but the non member uncle of one of our recent converts did stop and say happy thanksgiving in wall mart on his own.  so that was fun.  the seniors made us turkey on Monday and we taught the lesson on why we're thankful for the gospel and missionary work, since most of them are converts.  it was cool to see their testimonies and hear some of their conversion stories.
We bought Marina the now sober lady some groceries because she's too sick to drive and none of her friends would do it for her.
We spent a lot of time knocking on peoples doors who didn't want to talk to us in the -7 Celsius cold
we also taught an air force guy who turned out to be schizophrenic and is being discharged. that is an interesting story.  he seems interested in the gospel though so I hope the elders can make something happen with that.
we are in the process of sending home a Christmas project.  it's a secret!
and beyond that I am just keeping on. 
sometimes things are hard like the sky is dark at 430 already and nobody ever seems that happy to see us, but when all we're really trying to do is bring people greater happiness stuff like that is okay.  it isn't super fun, but when taken in perspective we can deal with it.  and hopefully do so joyfully and cheerfully.
so I love you all and I'll talk to ya on the other side of the boarder!

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  1. Our daughters are companions! ( Sister Amber Rust) She gave us their new address last week. It came from one of the Elder's who served there...I am a little skeptical if this is the apt. our daughters will live in, but it could very well be:
    555 Main St. Apt 8

    Presque Isle Maine


    Here is our daughter's blog if interested:

    She also has a younger sister named Kelsey who is serving in Argentina.