Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello everyone From Presque Isle Maine!  I know there were a few sketchy moments with impending doom of frostbite last week but we made it through alive and safe with all ten toes.  That is always a plus.  the funny thing about not watching the news or weather channel is that You don't really get to hear all of the fun facts about how you could get frostbite in ten minutes, and because your mission is made up of crazy people you go out and do the work anyway.  It's always fun to hear just how bad it was after it happened, because we do the dumb thing and just suffer through.  Driving home from Fredericton New Brunswick in a snow storm? great!  Our car is so cold it's running primarily on the battery you say? that's nice!  contacting people in the streets? I love being told to get a life and go home by the only other guy crazy enough to be outside! Knocking with minus 40 windchill? my face is burning with the love of God!  

So that was fun.  But there did come a point at which we couldn't be outside anymore, and compromised by contacting people in the mall, and at Tim Hortons for Hot chocolate instead. Probably illegal, and the people behind the counter always give us weird or hostile looks but it's better than loosing skin.  So I'm okay with it. 

today though now it is 40 degrees and raining a nice sheet of ice onto the snow we have.  it compacts the snow, and some of it is melting away, but mostly just turning everything into an unforgiving ice rink. 

but that wasn't the only exciting thing this week, our investigator who's on date to be baptized for this saturday decided to do a fast for strength to quit smoking with us, and then we went to see him last monday and he was deathly ill.  he'd told us on monday to do out laundry at his house so we wouldn't have to use change (super nice, we decided to still do whites at our place.) and when we came up from the laundry room with tracy and mouse he was just bent over in the kitchen and pail as a sheet.  we asked him what was up and he told us that a few hours after we left the sunday he started throwing up, and had done so five times since he saw us.  shouldn't have gone to work (though he did :( ) and was just dying for sleep.  we were like, welp, we can't teach you anything like this, get better man okay? and then we left, looking at each other like God made Sie sick! :D by wednesday he still wasn't feeling better really, no longer throwing up, but still very sick to his stomach, and especially he noted around smoke.  we asked him if he'd had a cigarett and he was like nope, I have no desire. then he just looked at us and was like "you know, I think this is happening for a reason. back with the elders they would always say there are no coincidences, so I think that this was supposed to happen so I could quit." and we were like yeah Sie, we agree.  and then he said thank you for making me sick in his prayer.

he still hasn't smoked!

OTHER CRAZY STORY so there's this less active recent convert (of like 5 years or so) we've been wroking with and she is a hoot.  let me tell you.  she is loud and rambunctious and loves to tell us about her past mistakes and temptations and we're like okay!? how about the scriptures??  but she always says the funniest stuff, like one rant she had with us she was like, so satan loves to mess with me, he's like here have this big rock of temptation, now have another one, and another one, now also hold this pebble, you can handle it! you're buff! have another pebble!  now have TEN THOUSAND PEBBLES, YOU SUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!!  simply she's funny, and sometimes unproductive, and self impeding, but it's okay. we love her.  funniest part of this story is that she's a ward missionary!  I don't really know who came up with the idea, but up until this week we've been really hesitant to use her in lessons. now we know it was inspired! because!  one night we were getting stuff ready for dinner listenening to voicemails and her voice comes up and she's like 'I need to talk to you guys about next week blah blah alsoIhaveafriendwhowantstohearthegosplecallmebackkaybye!'  My companion and I just look at each other like WHAAAT??? and jump on the phone. we find out that angie has scheduled an appointment with her and her friend invited her to have the missionaries come too.  so next Friday we meet this girl and she has already on mormon.org and basically taught herself part of the lesson particularly about how the gospel blesses families and then reads moroni 10:3-5 and is like I can know that this is true!  awesome when can I come to church?  we see her at church and she had already quit coffee?? for three days??? when we only mentioned it in passing and so she committed herself to it?????  and in relief society said that she wants this so bad she could cry and all we need to do is say the word and she'll leave her live in boyfriend???????  what's that you say? standing in the font you say?  turn on the water you say?  basically I don't know what to do with myself now.

so yeah.  exciting stuff.  I don't actually know how any of this is happening, I just trust in the Lord and do what my leaders tell me to.  Have faith, repent, keep covenants, endure, repeat. the sad thing is that we have to be out of our area for three days because my companion is going to a leadership training.  HAVE FAITH, REPENT, KEEP COVENANTS, ENDURE, REPEAT.  no don't get frustrated that we had literally no warning on this and we have to cancel like four appointments, it's okay it will be okay, sie will be okay, things won't fall apart or run away it'll all be okay. 

or that is what I tell myself. 

We are reading the book of mormon this month, and I finally am actually on track with the page calendar I made up last week.  yay it's good to not be behind.  

now I have to go and see if I have a drivers license anymore.  maybe I will just get a new one in maine.  that would be fun.


this morning We were trying to figure out if sister rust was going to the conference or not, and everyone and their dog was texting and calling and saying happy birthday.  our phone didn't know what to do with itself.  basically it crapped it's pants and dropped the assistants call.  good times.  I have so many text messages from people I don't ever really know!  it's like missionary facebook.  but on the bright side I got this: 

my birthday is complete. 

Love you all have a good week!

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