Tuesday, January 21, 2014

this week!!!  man it was so crazy that I can't even remember half of it.  

it would be easiest to say that it is really weird to watch one missionary take the last steps on her mission and then jump back to one who has all the excitement and energy of a new missionary.  it's like watching your grandma die and then deciding you need more excitement in your life so you get a puppy lab on an impulse buy off the internet. basically.
so but really umm things and stories.  so sister rust and I had a really good past few days.  we basically tried our best to have lessons with people but ended up just saying goodbye to everyone. we would be like 'so the gospel" and they'd be like  'sister rust what are you going to do when you get home??" and she would be like "I don't know PROBABLY DIE. I'M GOING TO BE A MISSIONARY FOREVERRRRRR!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!1!1!!!' while I just sat awkwardly in the corner.  it was actually really hard to watch her go home, makes me never want to go home.  side note she is still a missionary, and here is a story from the life of sister rust-

"I also had an experience that I thought you would appreciate. After we figured all the flight stuff, I was sitting there waiting to get on the flight to Grand Junction and there was a girl sitting across from me and we started talking. She told me that she was from India and she was going to Utah to do a science experiment. So then I told her I was on my way home from my mission and for the past year and a half I have gone and taught people about Jesus Christ. Then she said, "Well I'd love to talk to you!" I was like, "Well I'd love to talk to you!" She told me how she had gone to school in France and had gone to a church there and loved it. She loved learning about Jesus Christ and wanted to learn about him more. So I went in and started teaching and it came to the point where the Book of Mormon came up and as I'm talking about it and showing it to her this other woman comes over and says to her, "Have you read the Koran? You should read the Koran." As soon as she came over I knew she came to argue with me. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt and was friendly with her, as she continually made jabs at me to make sure I knew she didn't like me. Then she asked me, "So you aren't even allowed to talk to you family right?" I told her on Mondays and on Christmas and Mothers Day. Then she said, "well that's kind of isolating don't you think? Yeah your kind of isolating yourselves kind of like a CULT." I was done talking to her at that point. haha Then she said, "I love the Mormon religion." No she didn't. She had told us earlier in the conversation that she was Muslim and that she just traveled around everywhere. Then she said, "I'm actually not Muslim, I'm from Denver and I think Mormon's are a cult." So then she went on this huge rant of how horrible we were. I did what I could to testify but her heart was so hard it did nothing. She turned to the Muslim girl and was like, "stay away from the Mormons. Stay far away from them!" Then the girl told her, "I was the one asking her questions, I just like to learn!" It was crazy. I just turned and ignored her. Eventually she got up and walked away, and the girl from India had left already so I was sitting there alone when this other woman comes over and says, "How are you doing. Are you ok?" This woman was an angel sent from above! Such a sweet lady! She told me how she appreciated what I was doing and that her nephew went on a mission and how much he loved it. She just took care of me after that. I know Satan had to make one last jab at me before my mission ended, but God sent some one to support me as well. Heavenly Father is so mindful of us."

so yeah.  I just really love her a lot. 

I got a greenie on thursday though!  we have been having fun ever since.  it was actually really relieving to ride back to our area (a drive that takes 4 hours) and realize that she is just as weird as me.  now we just make crazy cat jokes and talk about crows and sharing the gospel to all our animal friends all the time.  we will be sisters snow and white just you watch.  things are great though, she has all the energy in the world to be the best missionary she can be so I will just ride that through the next three months.  her name is Sister Drew.

I gave up reading the Book of Mormon in the month of january too.  now I'm just trying to get to page 200.
I"M HITTING NINE MONTHS THIS WEEK????!!!!!  i don't know what to do with myself.  sister drew says I should stuff a shirt full of tissue until I look pregnant and take a picture.  I am pretty sure I will do nothing to celebrate.
everything keeps changing, I don't know what to do with myself but keep working hard.  I got a letter this week so I will be trying to write a few people back hint hint wink wink.  get ready for it to take two months. 

I love you all, and here's a scripture: Mosiah 5:15 "Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvationa nd eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of him who created all things, inheaven and in earth, who is God above all.  Amen."  let's all endure this together.

Sister Christensen

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