Monday, January 27, 2014

hey everyone!

this week has been good.  it's weird to be a leader, because I kind of just follow my own pace in everything like I used to, but not really because I'm doing missionary work?  so I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.  my companion is on fire though, and I just keep working hard because she wants to work hard.  I do too, but not in the same way?  it's hard to explain.  But life is good because I love missionary work. 

It kind of makes me excited to come home and be a member missionary, but then I also want to go to the gym again because I got this weird fat belly over the holidays that I can't physically get rid of until I can go to a gym and work it off.   not something that is going to happen when we are ordered to do an 11 minute work out plan with a neighbor that bangs on our door when ever we run in place.  that and I refuse to run outside because it's blue nipple freezing out there. so my life is missionary f minus as far as real exercise goes. 

funny things this week.  so there was this one time that we were going to visit this less active member, and she is great.  but we have to wait outside the building until her husband can come and open the door because it's kind of a shady establishment on top of a vacant store with windows that have been broken/ shot out.  and while we were waiting this guy comes up and my companion starts to talk with him, she asked " are you staying warm?" he said "I wish I was in a place like that where I could be warm." and she was like "have you ever met missionaries before?" and he said something that didn't apply and she caught the stench of alcohol on his breath. good times.  well instead of getting an appointment with him then she just talked with him about the gospel and Danny opened the door and talked to him a little bit and we were like "okay bye have a good night!' and he was like "I love you!" and pulled me into this awkward drunk homeless hug.  i really did not know what to do with myself.  at all. then we parted ways because we had nothing else we could do for him.

then there was this funny time that we had a chili cook off at the church and the Ward decided that we were supposed to judge it as missionaries.  okay no big deal.  they didn't really know how to do it, we suggested having individual bowels so that we could scoop chili into our own and then eat it with our own individual place setting. well for some reason they decided that it would be better to share bowls with five spoons in them, pass them down and take a spoon as we go.  ended up using like 5X more spoons but that's fine. one of the elders is a little handicapped though, undiagnosed, but probably asbergers at least.  and for some reason sister drew and I were the last ones to get the bowls. well we do this thing and the fist bowl goes by I get it with two spoons, take one out pass it on kind of thing, third bowl there is three spoons.  I get really uncomfortable but take a spoon anyway thinking "maybe there were six." nope.  I have the thing in my mouth when I hear the elder say "whoopsI left my spoon... in..."  and I JUST WANT TO GAG. SO BAD.  WORST THING EVER I TOOK HIS SPOON AND PUT IT IN MY MOUTH.  after that I watched him like a hawk and had to give it back to him two more times to make sure he took his spoon out.  worst thing of my life.  never being a judge in a food contest again.

so that was interesting. 

there were plenty of inspirational things that happend this week too, like that we went and saw dorothy again and I just want her to come back to church.  so baad!!!  how can someone who has a testimony like she does deny themselves repentance?  it is so heartwrenching to think about sometimes because I seriously want her to meet mom and Kathy.  you could be best friends.  she's awesome I swear. I often imagine my mission life and my home life colliding and in this instance I think it would be awesome.  but sadly you guys are on the other side of the continent/country.

we also had a good zone training this week that asserted a lot of the things I've been thinking about in reguards to member present lessons and such.  it's interesting because the ward leadership is having us use some... interesting personalities as friendshippers, but I know in my heart they are not the role models of a strong priesthood leader or personable and relatable friends that they need.  huff.  

I just keep working and studying and praying.  I know that we are doing someting worthwhile, and something that is inspired.  there is no other way that a lot of the stuff that happens to us would happen.  it is only by the lord that we see success and I know that with all my heart.  it's funny, we were talking in relief society about inviting people in a realistic way and the missionaries came up like we always do and sister grover said "I apologise, but it is amazing that the church survives the missionaries." and in some ways, that is true.  we are inexperienced.  we are young.  we are not really the best of teachers, but we have testimonies that this work is of God.  if it were left up to me and my own efforts and talents, I don't believe that I could honestly inspire anyone to keep commitments and commandments.  The spirit of the Lord is what carries this work, it touches the Hearts of the people and by that understanding we all can gain we are blessed. 

there is nothing greater. 

Love Sister Christensen

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