Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey everyone.  This is a forward of most of an email I sent to someone else. 

So this week has been pretty good.  We talked to crap ton of people, some of whom were fairly nice, and tried to positively encourage us by saying "you can stop talking because I'm not interested, and I don't know anyone who is interested and I wouldn't feel comfortable telling you anyone is interested, but good for you! I support what you do! I’m grateful that you care." 

Hollow words. Sometimes they are more discouraging than outright rudeness in rejection.  Thanks. I just tried to share something that means more to me than my home my family and my left leg, but you just equated it to a news advertisement less than three sentences long, or Girl Scout cookies. I really feel supported.

Ugh, Fredericton. It's... Fredericton.   I love serving with sister Gochnour and Turner, my mission sister is super cool.  They are really nice and positive, and remind me a lot of you.  I've met sister Gorman and I instantly thought of you.  I sat behind her in sacrament meeting, and she turned around at the end, and said " who is the person with the angelic voice? You need to sing for my song!" and proceeded to tell me all about her song.  Yesterday we were walking into church and she stops and says " there are three of you?? Sisters! Splits! Take me with you!" She made sure she sat next to us in relief society to give us all her phone number on little pieces of paper, and when we told her we all share the same phone, she was like " but you all need my number!" Ok sister Gorman. She then began asking half of relief society when they were available to come out on splits.  Oh I love her so much. " when it comes to me, missionary work is first priority!!!!" 

We don't have any investigators right now.  We teach a lot of the young women, emmaline, and her friend, and these two girls that are daughters of a less active, but real intent for them is a shot in the dark. They're twelve, and they act like it too. As far as adults are, I'm not impressed with Fredericton.  We talked to 300 people here my first whole week, and not one of them was interested. So yeah, I love Fredericton. In a cat scratched and bleeding kind of way. I know it probably has a nicer side to it, but mostly all I've noticed are a lot of disinterested and frankly rude people. I have never been told " I'm not interested because of (insert anti of choice) " at any other time in my mission.  In fact, we went to find a bunch of less actives and met one douche who interrogated us as to how we can believe in Joseph smith because of some dumb study on the pearl of great price, and then tried to tell us that he has out best interests at heart and showed up to the concert on Thursday.  And the lady we knocked into who shouted to us that a member of the church " destroyed a member of my family" .  And the girl who I talked to on the bus who practically yelled " no I'm not interested!" when I tried to talk to her, before I could even finish asking a question. And the guy in the coffee shop who seemed to think that I " don't sound very sincere," and that " you don't have to do this you know. "  Yeah I do know.  And I'm not quitting.

But other than that, missionary work is missionary work. There are plenty of average people who do average things and are average in their disinterest. I've slept on the couch for two weeks and probably will do it for another four. The shower in our apartment broke, and now just sprays scalding hot water, so I can proudly say I shower with a bucket.  I realized I'm back in Canada, and now am still allergic to Canadian milk.  That's okay I like rice milk better anyway.  I probably won't be here long enough to receive mail, so I don't care to give my address. 

Serving in a trio is awesome.  The end. 

Love Sister Christensen.

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