Monday, April 21, 2014

Do you know the times?

Haha I don't know.

Sometimes I'm weird.

I somehow ran out of time so this may be fairly quick. My companion sister erekson had to go home on medical. So it was kind of abrupt. We got a call from our mission pres. At 9:00 pm and he told us that she'd be traveling back to the mission office the next day, and that I'd be staying in Fredericton. So I really only had time to pack my bags and leave, and ended up leaving like half my stuff in Presque Isle. Now I am serving in a trio, with sister Turner, and sister Gochnour. They are awesome. But I am kind of just shook up, and kind of sad. It's hard to leave an area with a lot of investigators and people preparing for baptism, to come to an area with basically nothing and a ton of people everywhere that generally don't like you. 

Hum. Easter was good.  I have a ton of stories I could share, but just don't have time.  I love you all and pray for your success. 

Sister Christensen.

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