Sunday, April 20, 2014

hey.  life is a mixed bag right now.  

First off, I am a lot better emotionally than I have been, and honestly I think a lot of it has to do with the slow changes in weather.  by body is like, "it's LEAVING!!!!!!" and now i have more energy.  the sad thing is that now the snow is melting, there is a ton of mud everywhere. EVERYWHERE. there is no escaping it.  and it's super foggy because as the snow melts it makes clouds and they just hover over everything.  everyone here says there are supposed to be a lot of bugs now because it is so wet.  I do not look forward to that at all.  let me tell you.  but emotionally I am better.  It was kind of hard to say goodbye to sister drew but I got over it quickly.  

second off, I am better emotionally because I kind of have to be, and I think Heavenly Father is blessing me with a ton of patience and love that two weeks ago just didn't exist in any bone of my body because someone needs to comfort my poor companion.  she is in sad shape/may go home soon.  I love her to pieces and think that she could be an amazing missionary, but things are kind of against her.  talk more on that later. 

other than that, we are still just working hard and trying to do what is right.  people still have their agency and are doing dumb things with it, but that is entirely outside of my control, and I am doing better at being okay with that.  the life of trying to teach and invite people closer to christ.  they're really good at throwing around their ability to choose not to follow christ.  HRRRNG  YOU KNOW IT IS RIGHT WHY ARE YOU BEING DUMB

but that is just the life of a missionary in Northern Maine.  

I hope you guys have a good week, and that everything goes well.  excited for easter I am!  I will probably just buy tons of candy today to live off of.  resees piecees eggs here I come. 

Put on blog please.  

Love you bye.

Sister Christensen

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