Monday, April 7, 2014

it's been kind of a crazy week.  

and for once it isn't anything to do with me!

so President leavitt our Mission President was hospitalized all last week after he came down witha  fever and chills.  kind of a big deal.  he tried to just get some antibiotics and return to leadership conference, but after the bloodwork came back they admitted him to treat a blood infection. his words " After two trips and 15 hours in the hospital emergency it was determined that I also had a blood infection which is apparently quite serious. People die from blood infections, or at least that is what Doctor Leavitt tells me. So against my will, so to speak, I have basically been lying flat on my back alternately shaking and sweating and taking large amounts of medicine, since Wednesday afternoon. "  kind of crazy.  so the past couple of days we have been working and praying that his condition will improve. after yesterday it seems that things are getting better, but it may be a long haul yet.  we will see.

as a result all yesterday we were waiting for transfer news hoping that the assistants might be able to pull that off but to no success.  we've just found out this morning that sister drew will be opening a sisters area in Newfoundland, and training a new missionary.  I will be training as well.  exciting stuff.  wish the trepidation had not been caused by something so dire.  I guess we will have to just keep swimming.

other news.  not much exciting to say.  this transfer we found a lot of people to teach, and a lot of them after seeming really promising dropped off the face of the earth.  happens I guess.  maybe they just thought we were scary.  who knows.  perhaps I never will.

but a family we are teaching has been doing really well.  we knocked on their door the first day that sister Drew was in the mission field, and now it seems that they really like coming to church, and are having miraculous answers to prayers.  it is always inspiring to see how some things unfold.  I would have never guessed at the beginning that so many good things would happen with those two, we truly cannot see the future and cannot judge who will be interested in learning about the gospel. 

anyway there is still three feet of snow on the ground, and sometimes it still snows several inches.  I am never going to live in canada, or anywhere near the boarder, mark my words, even if it will be safer in a zombie apocalypse. end of story.

have some delightful pictures.

did I tell you we serve in an Amish area? horses and buggies win.

the breakfast picture is to commemorate that I've trained Sister Drew well. 

the rest I feel is self explanatory.

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